Counterfeit Monkey — 129 of 292

Emily Short

Release 6

Part 2 - Student Quarters

Chapter 1 - University District

Section 1 - Palm Square

Instead of going to Palm Square when the legend is not introduced:

say square-refusal instead.

Instead of approaching Palm Square when the legend is not introduced:

say square-refusal instead.

To say square-refusal:

if the legend is handled or the fake-legend is in the repository:

say "Hadn't we better see what message Brock left?";

if the fake-legend is not seen:

say "My apartment is that direction, but unless we have some reason to go there, it seems least suspicious to avoid my old neighborhood.";


say "At a guess, we're looking for a homonym paddle so we can convert the legend. ";

if Drinks Club is visited:

say "The Fleur d'Or Drinks Club has to be our best bet.";


say "I'm pretty sure they've got one in one of the fancy bars off north Long Street.".

South of Long Street South is Palm Square. The description of Palm Square is "[if unvisited]Now this is my part of town: [end if]Palm Square is the beginning of the university district. To the [Southeast], through the iron gate, is the university campus proper; and that unobtrusive little doorway directly [south] of us leads into the Babel Café." Palm Square is proper-named.

Clearwater Cosmetic Clinic is a facade in Palm Square. It fronts east. It is scenery. The description is "It is closed for the holiday. About a dozen copies of the same ad plaster the wall."

The wart removal advertisement is a thing. It is part of the clearwater cosmetic clinic. Understand "ad" or "ads" or "advert" or "adverts" or "nearest" or "wall" or "copies" or "dozen" as the wart removal advertisement. The description of the wart removal advertisement is "'Make ART not WAR!' And then in smaller letters: 'Anyone can letter-remove a wart, but not everyone can produce our beautiful results. Our trained wart-removal artists use visual[ization] training and long experience to convert your wart into a piece of high-quality skin art [--] for less than the price of a tattoo.'"

Rule for listing exits when looking in Palm Square:

do nothing instead.

The apartment complex is a facade in Palm Square. "I live in [the apartment complex] that runs along the west side of the square [--] in fact, my apartment door is immediately to the southwest." The description is "I know it's a bit shabby, but you know what graduate stipends are like. Or maybe you don't. My parents help with the rent, but it's still nothing spectacular." The apartment complex fronts southwest. Understand "home" or "house" or "flat" as the apartment complex.