Counterfeit Monkey — 130 of 292

Emily Short

Release 6

Section 2 - Babel Cafe

South of Palm Square is Babel Café. Understand "cafe" as the Babel Café. The description of Babel Café is "Through many changes of management, this institution has fed the denizens of the university and ignored their semi-sedition." Babel Café is indoors.

The clerk is an alert man in the Babel Café. "[A clerk] in [a white apron] stands behind [the long glass case][unless the long glass case contains something], now emptied by our purchases[end if]." The clerk wears a white apron.

The description of the clerk is "A smooth-faced young man. He has the cheery demean[our] of one earning substantial overtime pay."

The description of the white apron is "Clean white cotton, bordered with a Greek meander trim in dark blue embroidery thread."

Some découpaged tables are a supporter in Babel Café. "The tables are square wooden things painted dark blue (not the vibrant blue of the Bureau, but something closer to midnight), and the upper surfaces are découpaged with antique travel postcards."

Understand "antique" or "travel" or "postcard" or "postcards" or "square" or "wooden" or "blue" or "dark blue" or "upper surfaces" or "upper surface" or "surface" or "surfaces" or "table" as the découpaged tables.

The description is "The surfaces depict, fragmented, such exotic locations as Giza, Beijing, and Sioux City, Iowa. There is even an advertisement for the 1893 Chicago World's Fair."

Sanity-check opening the long glass case:

say "The case opens only from the back side, where the clerk is." instead.

The long glass case is fixed in place in the Babel Café. "[A long glass case] displays middle-eastern and Greek delicacies." It is closed and transparent. In the long glass case are a pocket-bread, a wrap, and a honey pastry triangle.

The honey pastry triangle and the pocket-bread are edible. The description of the honey pastry triangle is "Despite its enforced linguistic transformation, it still looks delicious: fine layers of crisp filo with nuts and honey between."

The description of the pocket-bread is "It's round, flat bread suitable for eating with dips." The indefinite article is "some". Understand "pocket" and "bread" as the pocket-bread.

The wrap is an edible thing. The description is "It's a construction of flat bread wrapped around rice, chickpeas, and sauce."

The scent-description is "Greek garlic-yogurt sauce".

[A nod to the blue plaque commemorating Watson and Crick at the Eagle Pub in Cambridge.]

A blue plaque is fixed in place in the Babel Café. Understand "plaque" or "placard" or "historical" as the blue plaque. "A [blue plaque] is mounted on the wall." The description is "[i]On this site in 1969 the theoretical groundwork for Q-insertion was laid by James Elias and Milford Higgate using five drinking straws and a bowl of oatmeal.[/i]".