Counterfeit Monkey — 132 of 292

Emily Short

Release 6

Section 4 - Apartment Bathroom

The Apartment Bathroom is north of My Apartment. The apartment bathroom is a bathroom.

Rule for listing exits when in Apartment Bathroom:

say "[You] could climb back out the window, or [you] could go south into the rest of my apartment."

A nightstand is a supporter in the apartment bathroom. "An antique [nightstand] of my mother's, which does not actually fit anywhere near my bed, is jammed into one corner of the bathroom."

The description of the nightstand is "It is wobbly, scratched, and chipped, which is the state in which my mother likes her antiques."

The key is a passkey on the nightstand. It unlocks the apartment door. The heft of the key is 1. The description is "It's made of an extremely ordinary blank.". The key unbolts the apartment door. The indefinite article of the key is "a".

Test key-article with "i" holding the key.

The ring is a passkey on the nightstand. It is wearable. The heft of the ring is 1. The description is "A gold-toned ring that from a distance would look like a signet. In fact the face of it is figured with the symbol of the university, an owl biting the letter A in its beak. Embedded in this face is the tiny RFID tag that opens generic university security.

It is the perfect combination of technical paranoia and old-fashioned pretentiousness, and one is assigned to every new student with great pomp on the day of orientation." Understand "rfid" or "tag" or "owl" or "signet" as the ring.

[Otherwise, we'll be forced to take it off before using it.]

Definition: the ring is key-accessible:

if the person asked carries it, yes;

if the person asked wears it, yes;

if it is on a keychain which is carried by the person asked, yes;


[Rule for writing a topic sentence about the keyring:

say "My [keyring] is [if the holder of the keyring is a thing][in-on the holder of the keyring][otherwise]here[end if]. ".

Definition: a door is key-unbolted if it is unbolted by a key which is on the keyring. ]

[The description of the keyring is "It's a souvenir from the Canary Islands, where my mother once went on a trip years ago." ]

[The checkbook is a thing. The description is "Mostly used: there are only one or two checks left in the back." The introduction is "I had paid my rent through next month before I left. It seemed the conscientious thing to do. Not like I was going to have access to that money again anyway."]