Counterfeit Monkey — 152 of 292

Emily Short

Release 6

Section 8 - Hallway and Inaccessible Room

The Bureau Hallway is east of the Antechamber. It is Indoors. "This is a long hallway with many doors leading off, the business of the bureau being varied and all-encompassing; it is for all essential purposes the chief organ of government in Atlantis, since only a few topics are brought to citizen referendum."

The All-Purpose Office is east of Bureau Hallway. It is indoors. "There's a front desk at which a receptionist meets with members of the public and assesses their needs; beyond that, the room is crowded with dozens of stations for the use of the All-Purpose Officers, and stretches back some distance. It looks like an old-fashioned newsroom.

Fully half the stations are empty, due to their owners being away on call somewhere on the island, but the rest are fully occupied [--] many of them by people who wear authentication monocles routinely."

Every turn when the location is the All-purpose office:

say "I'm pretty sure that hanging out here is the best way to get caught in a hurry, though, so let's duck back out, shall we? Maybe one of the other rooms will offer us better prospects.";

try going west.