Counterfeit Monkey — 170 of 292

Emily Short

Release 6

Chapter 2 - The Yacht

[Odds are that the average player won't see most of the detail on the yacht. That's okay with me; what I really wanted here was to give Andra a fully-fleshed home and background — after all, we've just been all over Alex's — so that if the player does choose to look at this stuff, it feels persuasive, rather than a half-hearted backdrop to the epilogue.

The discipline of building out the True Macaque forced me to think about what Andra and Brock's life had been like before: Brock has a separate romantic history; he and Andra don't share a cabin even though they're lovers, because they spent years living separately and still need some distance from one another; and the yacht is equipped for a certain amount of self-sufficiency so that the crew can work from anywhere in the Mediterranean.]