Counterfeit Monkey — 171 of 292

Emily Short

Release 6

Section 1 - Nautical Directions

Test nautical with "tutorial off / fore / fore / aft / down" in Sunning Deck.

A room can be nautical or earthbound. A room is usually not nautical. A direction can be earthbound-directional or nautical-directional. A direction is usually earthbound-directional. Starboard, port, fore, aft, up, down, the inside and the outside are nautical-directional.

North, west, east, south, northwest, northeast, southwest, and southeast are earthbound-directional.

Rule for listing exits while looking in a nautical room:

do nothing instead.

The starboard is a direction. The starboard has opposite port. Understand "s" or "sb" as starboard when the location is nautical.

The port is a direction. The port has opposite starboard. Understand "p" as port when the location is nautical.

The fore is a direction. The fore has opposite aft. Understand "f" as fore when the location is nautical.

The aft is a direction. The aft has opposite fore. Understand "a" or "af" as aft when the location is nautical.

The aft-port is a direction. The aft-port has opposite fore-starboard. It is nautical-directional. Understand "pa" or "ap" as aft-port when the location is nautical.

The aft-starboard is a direction. It is nautical-directional. The aft-starboard has opposite fore-port. Understand "sa" or "as" or "asb" as aft-starboard when the location is nautical.

The fore-port is a direction. It is nautical-directional. The fore-port has opposite aft-starboard. Understand "pf" or "fp" as fore-port when the location is nautical.

The fore-starboard is a direction. It is nautical-directional. The fore-starboard has opposite aft-port. Understand "sf" or "fs" or "fsb" as fore-starboard when the location is nautical.

Does the player mean going a nautical-directional direction when the location is nautical: it is very likely.

Index map with fore mapped as north. Index map with aft mapped as south. Index map with port mapped as west. Index map with starboard mapped as east.

Index map with fore-port mapped as northwest. Index map with aft-port mapped as southwest. Index map with fore-starboard mapped as northeast. Index map with aft-starboard mapped as southeast.

[Before going a nautical direction when the location is not nautical, say "Nautical directions can only be used on board ship."]

Check facing in a nautical room:

if the noun is not nautical-directional:

if the location is indoors:

say "[You] can't really see outside well enough to look off in that direction." instead;

say "No one appears to be approaching the ship or attempting to follow us, which is the main thing." instead.

Sanity-check going an earthbound-directional direction in a nautical room:

say "Compass directions make no sense on board ship, but you can use fore, aft, port, and starboard instead." instead.

After printing the name of a nautical room while looking:

say "[roman type] (aboard the True Macaque)".

[The True Macaque is based on a blend of several yacht designs, but most of all on the '64 Wallypower' by Wally yachts of Monaco. I was looking for a design with the speed of a smuggling cigarette boat but the appearance of a luxury craft, and sufficient range to tool around non-trivial distances. This may still have been the wrong call, since I don't actually know more about yachts than I got off a website.

The yacht's name is obviously a riff on Counterfeit Monkey (Slango's reason for calling it that) but also a reference to the Squirrel Nut Zippers song Trou Macacq.]

When play begins:

now every nautical room is forbidden.