Counterfeit Monkey — 172 of 292

Emily Short

Release 6

Section 2 - Sunning Deck

Sunning Deck is a nautical room.

The description is "[one of]This is a very fine boat: sleek, shiny, big... Oh, you don't like it when I put it that way, I see. All right then: a high-speed yacht, something luxurious enough that it looks like a rich man's toy to harbor officials, but it handles almost like a cigarette boat. [if the player wears the Britishizing goggles]Fibreglass[otherwise]Fiberglass[end if] hull, shaped in a deep V for racing, capable of 80 knots on a calm sea. Range of around 300 nautical miles, enough to take us past Gibraltar to Málaga or perhaps even Almeria.

This bit is the aft portion[or]This is the aft section of the deck[stopping], broad and flat and suitable for sunning oneself."

[This device is based on a broadband satellite equipment and service package offered by]

The communication unit is a fixed in place thing in the Sunning Deck. "Fixed on the roof above the entry to the navigation area is a white object that looks a little like an igloo. It is the [communication unit] that handles the yacht's wifi connection." The description is "It provides broadband access from the yacht wherever you are, from Biarritz to Istanbul, for a mere thousand euros a month. Slango frequently comments on the iniquity of this fee, but it would be impossible to do your research and make deals without it." Understand "white object" or "white" or "igloo" or "wifi" or "wireless" or "connection" as the communication unit.

Rule for writing a topic sentence about a long thing when the location is Sunning Deck:

if at least two long things are mentionable:

say "[The list of mentionable long things] are stacked together here, for lack of more convenient storage spaces. ";


say "[The list of mentionable long things] lies on the deck because it doesn't fit a closet. ";